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RoiChamp gives you
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Step 1

Quick integration and automated setup

RoiChamp instantly generates all the funnels, event tracking
modules and email templates for your business needs. No need
to spend hours setting up your campaigns!

  • Apps, payment processors and
    ecommerce integrations
  • We sync your data automatically
  • Free migraton
  • WooCommerce


  • Shopify


  • BigCommerce


  • Magento


  • Zapier


  • Custom API

    Custom API


Set up email campaigns with our
top-performing tools

Sales funnels

Sales funnels

Use funnel-based email automation to collect leads and turn them into paying customers.

Codeless forms

Codeless forms

Use RoiChamp signup forms to collect leads, or checkout forms to monetize attention instantly.

Scheduled emails

Scheduled emails

Scheduled emails are perfect for specific dates, promotions and sales events.

Triggered emails

Triggered emails

Use triggers that automatically send emails on checkout, site visit, click or other predefined event.

Targeted emails

Targeted emails

Segment your audience and send the right message to the right person.



Don’t keep your contacts waiting. Send welcome emails or deliver lead magnets - automatically.



Automated product recommendations based on customer purchase history.

Wishlist & back-in-stocks

Wishlist & back-in-stocks

No more lost sales. Let customers subscribe to alerts to the items they really want.

Full data sync

Full data sync

We sync actions and order details without limits so that you can make predictions and plan promotions.

Customize emails
in a few clicks

RoiChamp will generate beautiful templates for your business type.
All you need to do is customize them with our easy drag and drop editor.

Customize emails in a few clicks
Step 3

Track analytics and count

Our reporting and analytics module tells you what works.
Use split testing and increase your CTRs and your sales.

  • From and Subject fields

    What draws more attention and leads to higher open rates?

  • Email content

    Test up to 5 emails against each other, and see what works.

  • Automations

    Test entire workflows to find out which funnel converts better.

  • No spam

    Maximize delivery rates and avoid flagging with our smart anti-spam filter.

  • Call to action

    Which call to action directs more users to checkout?

  • Open, click, bounce?

    Choose from a list of metrics that matter to your business and measure success.

I absolutely love using RoiChamp for email marketing

"Set-up takes 5 minutes - you answer a few questions, and they generate the complete automation system, all campaigns and templates for your business type so you just have to click send. It saved me so much time and dramatically increased our sales."

— Herman de Jonge

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Get top performance
Get top performance

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  • Higher CTR, higher ROI
  • Reduced spam threats
  • Reduced unsubscribes

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